Audio Recording
AKG C3000B Cardioid Mics
The DAK Wav Recorder Editor & Equalizer
Korg D1600mkII 16-Trk/40GB DAW w/CD-RW
C. Anthony Pessarra 281-488-2055
KeyArts audio recording services are primarily for organ , organ and
instruments / voice and small ensembles..  Originally established in 1984, C.
Anthony Pessarra has specialized in
recording the organ with a variety of equipment. As a musician and organist,
he intuitively understands the dynamics and difficulties of recording the
organ literature.  This experience is  important in assisting organists to
achieve quality recordings.

Location Recording - CD Production - MP3 for Web
Wedding Sample CD - Fundraising / Demo CDs
Dedication Concerts - Special Events
String Ensembles - Vocal - Choral

Equipment is selected for its portability, compatability and ease of use.
In order to keep costs low and quality high, gear that meets these specifications
was chosen for a compact portable recording studio.
This translates into quality and a reasonable cost to the client.

The Korg digital work station recorder is favored due to the intuitive controlls and ease of
operation.  Saved to hard disk as a .wav file, the program can be edited on-site and burned to
CD or taken to the desktop and processed further in editing software such as SONY Sound
Forge, DAK Wav Editor and Equalizer.   Test recordings at the first allow immediate results and
corrections, leaving only final editing, duplication or conversion to other file types.  Music files
can be configured for many purposes including CD, .Mp3, Internet.   
Please call for a quote on a recording session.